3 Top tips for maintaining your Air Conditioning

With something as complex and vital as Air Conditioning, regular maintenance is a must if you want to minimise costs and maximise efficiency. If you notice a reduction in the cooling or heating effect of your system then there’s a good chance you’re overdue a service. Here’s our guide to the three top tips getting the most out of your AC unit.


  1. Schedule a Spring (and Autumn) clean

It’s recommended that you engage the services of a reputable company to carry out maintenance checks to your systems. They must be “F Gas” certified and use fully qualified engineers, DON’T be frightened to ask, as you may be liable for allowing non compliant companies and engineers to work on your systems.

To schedule two services per year for optimum results. Try to aim for Spring and Autumn so that you know your units won’t be giving you any problems during the forthcoming hottest or coldest months!

Legally, some systems need to be checked on an ANNUAL basis for gas leaks, which may harm the environment and the ozone.


  1. Tick all the boxes

Your maintenance company/engineer should use comprehensive ‘tick’ sheets (and leave you a copy) to ensure that your system has been systematically checked over and meets all the necessary requirements. They should also supply you with written notification of any recommended remedial works your systems may require. If you interview a potential AC company that seems happy to let things ‘slide’ then cross them off your list of suppliers straight away – cowboys will only cause you grief in the long run!


  1. “Filter” out any problems

One of the most important parts of maintaining your AC unit is the cleaning of the indoor unit filter. Invariably this is only cleaned on a annual basis if and when the system is serviced by an AC Company, but during reasonable use of your AC we recommend this being carried out on a monthly basis, by a professional or by yourself or a member of staff. Dirty filters can cause restricted airflow, resulting in reduced efficiency, higher running costs, and possibly blocked condensate drains, which cause leaking. If you’re not sure how to do this then please do give us a call for some free, helpful advice.

Follow these three tips and you’ll ensure that your AC system performs well and without problems for a long time to com