Is your Air Conditioning up to date in 2021?

A new year means a new start for many people and now can be a good time to assess your assets both at home and at work. One thing you should bear in mind (particularly if you’re a business owner) is that older AC units may no longer be in line with current legislation. This is particularly the case with systems more than 16 years old, as pre-2000 units can contain Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS), which are now illegal to buy or re-use.

Older units often utilise a refrigerant gas known as R22, which is harmful to the ozone. Understandably this gas has now been banned from being sold or for reuse. In practical terms, this means that a working unit containing R22 poses no threat to the environment, BUT, should a problem arise, (for example a refrigerant leak or a faulty main part), the system would need to be effectively turned off, decommissioned and shut down.

Due to this recent legislation concerning ODS, these units are fast becoming obsolete and there are no replacement parts available. If you have an old AC system and it breaks down, you could be looking at going without AC altogether until you can source a replacement system. This could be a problem if you are reliant on your AC to keep your rooms cool.

It is therefore advisable to start budgeting for a new system now, rather than having to find the full replacement capital cost on an ‘emergency’ basis should something go wrong with your old system in the future. Many of our clients have recognised the imminent need for up to date units in the past few years and have been budgeting, or ‘putting aside’ ready for their new systems. It’s definitely something we would advise, regardless of where you choose to source your units.

A new system will save you money in the long term by using up to date technology and inverters, providing increased energy efficiency; thereby reducing running costs and ‘future proofing’ your AC.

Reputable Air Conditioning companies like ACE will only provide systems and labour that meet the stringent legislation governing AC units. There are strict penalties for non-compliance, so we are offering free, impartial advice for anyone concerned that their AC system is below standard.

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